Saving Products

1. Compulsory Saving

Group saving: every member has to save Rs.100 per month in his/her compulsory savings account. This saving is refundable if the saving balance is more than Rs.5000.

2. Optional Saving

Personal Saving: acting like a current account in which the member can save any amount, the money can be withdrawn at any point of time any amount deposited in excess of due loan installments, and compulsory saving is maintained as personal saving. Members can deposit in this saving account when they have a surplus and withdraw from this account as per their needs.

3. Upadan Saving

The members of  GSLBSL can open a recurring savings account for a period of 10 years or 15 years. Recurring savers are required to deposit Rs. 100 or multiple of 100 per month for the agreed period. The maximum amount that can be deposited monthly by a client is Rs. 1000.under this scheme if a member save continuously for ten years he/she will get 1.5 times the total saving amount or If the member saves continuously for 15 years he/she will get 2 times of total saving amount.


4. Swayamsewak Saving:

This is voluntary saving products. These products designed for fulfillment of service center operation, such as purchasing minute register, mat, and spend on social activities, etc. Every member has to deposit Rs. 20 at first time. The penalty and other rewards amount can also deposit on this account.


5. Grameen Easy Saving:

This is voluntary saving products offered for business man whose business located near the market area or branch office. Member can open his/her account with a minimum balance of Rs.100. GSLBSL provides 7% interest on this saving account. Member can withdraw from this saving account as per their needs but the minimum balance of Rs. 500 should be maintained on his/her account is compulsory.